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  • Water Truck Driver


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  • This position will support the operations of the drilling site by operating a water truck for purpose of hauling liquids to and from the site location. This role will operate the vacuum and pumping system of the truck as well as drive the vehicle in an off road and on road environment. This role requires strict observance of DOT regulations while operating the vehicle as well as compliance of all client, company, state and federal requirements.


  • Drives tank truck to transport water to and from different job sites/projects or to provide water for use in drilling shallow bore-holes on petroleum-prospecting sites
  • May insert pipe in refilled trenches and other excavations, and operate auxiliary pump on truck to pump water into fill to settle and compact dirt
  • May drive truck equipped with sprinkling attachment to settle dust on roadways and streets and to saturate flexible base for compaction
  • May drive truck equipped with trailer
  • Carrying/Pulling a hose climb into mud tank and assist with drilling fluid removal
  • Reconciling truck shipping and loading documents including DOT documents (i.e., time sheets, pre-trip inspection sheets, and manifests to document dumping facilities
  • Light mechanic work (change oil, lube, change tires, change valves, and valve rubber on valves)
  • Clean exterior and interior of truck on weekly basis
  • Keep valves, pump( etc) free from ice in winter months
  • Rinse tank with hauling non-potable liquids


  • 3 + years of driving experience with specific experience operating a vehicle in an off road and on road environment


  • Ability to clearly communicate with supervisors and co-workers
  • Ability to use hand tools, power tools, machines, equipment
  • Ability to learn and gain knowledge
  • Ability to follow work orders or receive instructions
  • Ability to adhere to Safety policies and procedures

Physical Requirements:

  • The individual must also be able to wear and properly utilize appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) to work or visit within areas where it is required.  This includes hard hat, safety glasses, life vest, respirators, ear plugs, steel toed shoes, or other protective equipment as required by the work performed and location the work is being done
  • Walking, stepping, climbing or otherwise moving from one location on the job site to another, and normally involves physically getting into and out of equipment through the use of vertical mounted ladders up to and including 10’ or more in height
  • Visually seeing equipment operations well (either naturally or with corrective lenses)
  • Standing, stooping kneeling, squatting, climbing or sitting for long periods of time
  • Working at elevated heights
  • Lifting up to and including 50 lb. objects as required
  • Carrying up to and including 50 lb. objects as required
  • Adapting to outdoor conditions and prolonged exposure
  • Exposure to working outdoors in all-weather conditions
  • Ability to work more than 40 hours in any given week including weekend assignments and holidays as required


  • High School Diploma or equivalent is preferred, but not required

Licenses or Certifications:

  • Valid commercial Class A driver’s license with tanker endorsement
  • OSHA 10 hour certification preferred


  • Travel is required


  • North American Directional LLC (NAD) is an Equal Opportunity Employer, including disability and protected veteran status

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